Great Smoky Mtn NP Hiking Trip Plan -- April 2001

Enter park in NE corner at Cosby Ranger Station

Day 1:  5.0 mile hike east along Lower Mt Cammerer Trail to Campsite #35 Gilliland Creek.  Relatively little elevation change.  I'm hoping a good, easy first day.

Day 2:  Continue heading east along Lower Mt Cammerer Trail to Mt Cammerer Trail (AT) (2.4 miles).  Go West on Mt Cammerer Trail to spur to Mt Cammerer Lookout (2.3 miles).  Take spur to Mt Cammerer (1.2 miles total).   Continue SW on AT/Mt Cammerer Trail to Cosby Knob Shelter (3.1 miles).  Total hike of 9.0 miles with some decent elevation gain in the first half.

Day 3:  Continue west on AT to Snake Den Ridge Trail near Inadu Knob (3.7 miles).  Take Snake Den Ridge Trail to intersection with Maddron Bald Trail (0.7 miles).  Take Maddron Bald Trail to Gabes Mtn Trail (6.0 miles).  Take Gabes Mtn Trail to Campsite #34 Sugar Cove (2.6 miles).  Total hike for the day at 13.0 miles.  Long day with overall elevation loss.  From AT (1750meters) to Gabes Mtn Trail (750 meters) we will see over 3000 feet in elevation loss, but will see a gain of about 250 meters (800ft) in the last 2.6 miles.

Day 4:  East on Gabes Mtn Trail 4.0 miles to trailhead passing Hen Hollow Falls.

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Posted: 13-Apr-2001
Updated: 30-Apr-2007