Pow Wow Trail

Note:  This trail description was taken from a Superior National Forest three page trail guide.

Trail Narrative

Beginning the western loop at the Rice Lake Burn and travelling west and northerly, the old logging road turns into a narrow trail as it reaches Superstition Lake.  Following the shoreline the trail continues straight ahead to a beaver dam at the end of the lake.  It is 1 mile to Mirror Lake with a cold spring about halfway.  The trail follows the contour of Mirror Lake until the campsite half-way along the lake.  From the campsite the trail flows up and down rock outcrops with good viewing of the lake but not close enough for water access.

At the north end of the lake the trail moves farther back across a beaver dam, and follows a river to Path Lake.  Path Lake is dotted with old growth white pine and nestled in among them is a campsite with a rock "swimming beach".  There, as with other campsites, the latrine is located straight back from the lake, behind tent pads.

It is a short hike from here to Rock of Ages Lake, up and down steep outcrops of rock covered with moss and jack pine.  It may be difficult to see where the trail goes.  Look for blaze marks on trees.  Rock of Ages' campsite is at its northern tip, potected by natural outcrops of rocks.  These outcrops are great for stargazing, bug-free lounging, and diving.  Good sized fish have been caught here, too.

The trail continueing north to Lake 3 is probably the most picturesque part.  Abundant flowers, ledges, and mossy black spruce groves are excellent for photographs.  It will be a pleasant 2 miles, though rugged.

At Lake 3, newly cut trail meets a beaten path by an old growth red pine.  This old portage leads to a river that can be crossed either on fallen cedar trees or, during low water, stepping from rock to rock.  Uphill from the river the trail winds through an old logging camp.  The remains of log foundations and miscellaneous scraps dot the trail until it intersects the Horseshoe Lake canoe portage.  Please do not disturb the old logging camp - it was fun to discover, wasn't it?

Following the shore of Horseshoe Lake, the trail goes up a high outcrop to a designated campsite with a good view.  Tent pads and privy are located behind the bluff in a more protected area.  The trail turns here, near the tent pads, almost 90 degrees, heading over to North Wilder Lake.

This section of trail is hilly and passes through a variety of forest types in its 3 miles.  First encountered is an open cedar forest with interesting configurations, blending into a brushier, mixed aspen, birch, and fir forest.

The trail passes between a very large aspen and very large birch and ocasionally under an old growth white pine.

About halfway to North Wilder Lake is a steep dip to a beaver pond, and slowly the hilly mixed woods turns into mossy jack pine woods.  You will be close to the lake then.  This trail is well blazed and defined leading to a campsite across from an island.  From this campsite the trail turns inland , leading to a blazed latrine on the right and the main trail, that will intersect North Wilder canoe portage, on the left.

It is about a mile from here to South Wilder Lake, throught mossy black spruce and rocky outcrops.  Once the vegetation turns more birch-like the trail dips into a valley and climbs to a campsite on a high outcrop of South Wilder.  Tent pads are located on each side of the trail; 1 by the firegrate area; 1 by the double blazed latrine area trail.

It is 3 or 4 miles from here to Pose Lake and "old logging road" trail, eight miles to the trailhead.  The way to Pose Lake is narrow and hilly.  Look for a "cave" created by large boulders about halfway.  Where the narrow trail meets the Wilder trail can be confusing so watch carefully.  The trail may become wetter as you near Pose Lake.  There is a marked side-trail leading to Pose's small and rustic campsite.  From here it is about 5 miles back to the trailhead, and about 1 mile to the intersection of this West Loop with parts of the East Loop.

USFS Pow Wow Trail Map

October 2000 Pow Wow Trail Hiking Trip
Ahmoo Creek Home

Posted: 27-Sep-2000
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